1) What are Orthotics? 

Orthotics are custom made inserts for your feet. They are removable and can be placed in many different types of shoes.  Orthotics can serve many different purposes and depending on your foot type, orthotics can help realign your feet. Remember – No two feet are the same, not even your own two feet! 

2) Do I need orthotics? 

As we age, our feet change. This is a normal process, however there are times when our feet start hurting with out any specific reason. There was no injury that you recall but they hurt. In this scenario, you should be examined by a foot and ankle specialist. At Flex foot and Ankle PLLC, Dr. Perez will perform a biomechanical exam (to see how your feet function) and a gait exam (to see how your feet interact with the ground when you walk). There are many variables that affect the way you walk such as foot type, BMI (body mass index), weight, strength / weakness of the muscles that affect the foot. Dr. Perez will identify the reason for the foot / ankle pain and determine if orthotics could be beneficial. 

3) How do orthotics work? 

Orthotics work by realigning your feet and changing the way your foot interacts with the ground. It would be best to come in for a consultation and determine your foot type and see if orthotics can work for you. 

4) Are all orthotics the same? 

NO! Even though there are many over the counter inserts that can be bought, please note that no two feet are the same! Not even your own two feet. Although the over the counter inserts could work for you, they may also not. This is when you need to come in for a consultation to get your feet properly assessed and scanned for orthotics. 

5) How are orthotics made? 

At Flex Foot and Ankle PLLC, Dr. Perez uses the latest technology in order to properly make your orthotics. First, you will be weighed and then your feet will be measured. After this, your feet will be scanned. The company she uses is Invent Medical – 8Sole and you can find more information about the process here:

It’s a very simple process and there are no messy molds or sticking your feet in a box!. 

6) Does my child need orthotics? 

If your child is telling you they are “tired” and do not wish to “walk” or if they want to be carried all the time, it might be that their feet are hurting. Children won’t specifically come out and say “my feet hurt”, they’ll just stop doing sports or avoid the activity that make their feet hurt. It is important to have their feet checked by a foot and ankle specialist like Dr. Perez at Flex Foot and Ankle PLLC. Children can suffer from flat feet that should be addressed when they are young in order to avoid further problems later in life. 

7) Are orthotics covered by insurance? 

Orthotics may or may not be covered by your insurance depending on the insurance and your specific plan. However, if you are experiencing foot pain, make sure you get your feet checked by foot and ankle specialist Dr. Perez.